~~Volunteer task forces are needed from time to time to help with important issues that come up or needs that arise.  Our workers are all volunteers and have done a tremendous amount of work over the years including watchdogging state, local, and federal government, researching issues, fundraising events, door-to-door campaigns opposing tax issues or notifying people of events, street protests, contacting/interacting with media and elected officials, various public education events, plus the day-to-day running of the organization (planning regular meetings, booking speakers for the meetings, keeping a sign-in sheet and refreshments at the meetings, maintaining the email list, sending out emails to our list, and maintaining the web site).

All of those activities and more go on behind the scenes, and it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy.  Volunteers are always welcome to step up and plug in where their talents are.

~~If you have expertise on a particular topic of interest to freedom-minded people and would be willing to help educate the public or speak at a tea party event, let us know.

~~Do you play in a band or know people who play in a band who would be willing to donate their talents for an event?

~~Do you have artistic ability for drawing up flyers for different events or issues?

~~We can always use printing services and help with fundraising events.

~~Would you be able to make phone calls when needed for particular issues?

If you are interested in joining a task force or helping in any of the ways listed, or if you have other ideas or resources you would like to give to the tea party cause, please contact Jeff Oland at (888) 311-4348 or email us at washingtoncountyteaparty.ar@gmail.com.  Your country needs YOU!