Net Neutrality

“The head of the FCC is pushing for something he calls “net neutrality”. When he does so he is being, as so many government officials are, dishonest. Government, when stripped of all the niceties and seen in its essence, is force. Government consists of making people do things that they would not otherwise choose to do under the threat of taking their property and/or freedom if they do not. Any good that it does, it does by first using force. Any bad it does, it does through force. The very definition of government is “that institution which claims a monopoly use on force over a given geographic area.”

That’s why its absurd to describe government intervention in the internet as “net neutrality”. There is nothing neutral about government.

Public officials who support Clyburn’s falsely named “net neutrality” intervention are your enemy. It’s that simple. The internet is the last free media. Newspaper’s are dying, and increasingly controlled by corporate interests that are aligned with the government. Broadcast media is worse. Not only are they also owned by global corporations which do a lot of business with the government, but they actually require a license from the federal government to operate. Why would you expect them to risk that by actually informing you of the really explosive issues…(read the rest of this great piece on “net neutrality” here).

Senate votes on net neutrality (S.J. Resolution 6) November 10, 2011. The resolution failed, meaning the FCC will continue with “net neutrality” rules on November 20.