Precinct Strategy

Barbra Landry, Precinct Strategy Chairman

A Message from Barbra:

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While thinking about the upcoming campaign season, I realize the way to get citizens to vote was dependent on three things:

  1. Contested issues
  2. Candidates running,
  3. Conversations on doorsteps

YOU are the key to #3.  When you develop an informed position on any issue, have a great candidate, and then spend a few hours every week talking with your neighbors, you’ll stimulate the passive voter to go vote.   That makes you extremely valuable to any issue or candidate.

In January, our county district lines will be available to us as a result of the law requiring re-districting every ten years.  You may have a new JP to vote for and a new state representative who will represent you in Little Rock.  OR-You may find that there is NO ONE conservative in your district who will step up to represent you and your neighbors!  Think about it and pray about it~~ maybe it’s YOU!

For liberty,

See the new Arkansas House and Senate redistricted maps here.

Click here to find out how to contact your current state representative and senator as well as voter registration information.

Click here to find out how to become a poll worker in the next election.


For you who plan to make a difference in your neighborhood, go to, and click on 1-2-3-gotv. The videos will come up as you read.  (gotv stands for “get out the vote).

Now, go make a difference!