What I Would Have Said at the Candidate Forum on the “Private” Option

by Mark Moore

 Some of you may know that I filed for Lt. Governor as an independent in an effort to advance a lawsuit by Neighbors of Arkansas against the unjust changes made in the law in 2013 which have the effect of making it much harder to get on the ballot as an independent. I will not be on the ballot as part of the remedy, but I remain confident that the law will soon be thrown out as unconstitutional. Similar laws have in the past, and there is no way there can be “equal protection” under the law when one’s access to the ballot can be made harder every time one attempts to access the ballot outside of the two parties whose misrule has so harmed our nation.

During that process, before it was clear that our (three of us sued as candidates, the other two for local offices) being placed on the ballot was not going to be a part of the remedy, I held myself out as a candidate. I even got invited to a forum. One co-hosted by the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce and the Union County NAACP. This forum is to occur on September the 30th. Since I went to the trouble to answer the questions (in case access to the ballot this cycle was still an option) I thought I might as well share my answers with you. With that set up, here are the questions which will be asked at the forum tonight and how I would have answered them. If you don’t think the system is broken, compare how I would answer them by how they are being answered by the candidates that the system is offering you…..


Question 4…

There are many health issues facing the residents of Arkansas. With the implementation of Arkansas’ unique approach to the Affordable Healthcare Act what impact do you feel it has had on Arkansas? AR currently has the lowest % of uninsured residents in the country, what do you see as the future of healthcare?


I have a reputation among those who know me of being able to see things coming. That reputation is very well deserved. I have made many predictions, documented on my blog, where I said the conventional wisdom was way wrong and time after time events later proved the conventional wisdom to be as wrong as I said it would be. I say this as a statement of fact, not as bragging, because I don’t consider that it takes any special genius to see these things. Not when it comes to public policy. All it takes is looking at things honestly and thinking independently instead of getting locked into some group-think.


What is the impact of this program? It is easy to know the impact this act has had and will have on Arkansas, even before the data is in. It will have the same impact as every other centrally controlled, top down government transfer program in five thousand years of human history. It won’t be different this time. No matter how good it sounds, it never is. Here is what it will do, and what they all do, every time without exception: It will misallocate resources.

Because our people have been so productive, we have until recently been able to endure expanding government misallocating our resources. That is because we were able to create wealth faster than they were misallocating it. But friends we are at the end of that rope now, and that is true whether we accept that fact, or refuse to face it.


Now in the middle of misallocating resources some good is going to be done- you can’t throw that much money around without some good being done somewhere. But to get an honest accounting you also have to ask yourself what harm might be done too. And at this point the harm we risk is very great. Catastrophic even.


The first problem is the program is not being paid for. It is being financed by debt laid on the backs of our children. I don’t have much of platform, but if I have one plank I would say it is this: stop stealing from children. A controversial idea I know. I cannot think of a more immoral way to pay for government benefits for ourselves than to send the bills to the next generation by means of government debt. But since this program is financed by debt, and our debt is unsustainable, then it stands to reason that this program is also unsustainable. Ergo, it will not be sustained. It will collapse, just when people have become most dependent on it.


This is my prediction for what will happen.  We will get into this thing and in a few years realize that the money needed to pay for all of these promises does not exist.  The money to pay for it never existed, they only said it did in order to gain control over your family’s health care.  We will have dismantled our existing health care structure for the poor only to see the single federal system the state’s leaders pinned all of our hopes on fall apart.  


We can save the most lives if we back out of it now. I don’t expect that will happen, but I do want you to remember. Remember who did it to you (republicrats), and remember that I tried to warn you.


Mark Moore is a proponent of a philosophy of government known as “Localism”.  In the end, it is either going to be globalism or localism, because no other view of government can protect its population from globalism.   To learn more, check out Mark’s book “Localism, a Philosophy of Government.”