By Jose Aldana, Ph.D.

It’s a disturbing trend that has been seen with American politicians from both parties now traveling to Mexico on ‘visits’. On July 27, 2014, California governor Jerry Brown visited Mexico City, on a trip, which by the very admission of this SFGate article, was mostly symbolic (http://www.sfgate.com/business/bottomline/article/Jerry-Brown-quietly-taking-care-of-business-in-5655194.php): ‘Beyond the photo-ops and signature signing, the real work of implementation is to come’. The purpose of the trip would be understandable as, according to the article, ‘Mexico (is) California’s largest export market’.

This last assertion could be viewed as Mr. Brown trying to drum up business for his state, trying to improve economic conditions for the people living there, and hey, who would be against that? Sounds great on paper and a win-win all the way, right? The problem is that businesses are leaving California, and as the article states, it is being overtaken in Manufacturing by Mexico itself with companies from China relocating there.

The question then becomes ‘why is Mexico a more favorable business climate than California?’. Well, all one needs to do is look at this article, for example (http://www.forbes.com/sites/dalebuss/2014/04/27/it-makes-sense-for-toyota-to-leave-california-for-texas/), which states that ‘California’s business climate is becoming an even bigger downer. California has become infamous with business executives and owners there not only for high tax rates and complex taxing schemes but also for overzealous regulations and regulators that have managed to stifle the entrepreneurial energy of thousands of companies.’

So, what would seem to be a goodwill gesture from Gov. Brown turns out to be an effort to repair the result of what his own failed policies have succeeded in achieving. Bottom line: if businesses didn’t have to put up with so many stifling regulations, they would actually progress, grow and they wouldn’t have to leave the golden state in the first place.

But aside from working so hard to fill up the hole he himself dug, Gov. Brown’s trip has another intention: as per the article states ‘Seeing as both California’s governor and Mexico’s president are looking to be in office for several more years…’ With Brown in his 70’s, and being so polarizing, it is highly doubtful that he will make a presidential run, but it definitely looks, as this article states, that he may be content with being California governor ‘in saecula saeculorum’ (a salary of $174,000 per year, the 7th highest paid governor in the U.S.)

Therefore, it looks like Gov. Brown is trying to pander to the illegal alien population of California, which is about 3 million, compared to the 38 million people in the state, and 11.5 million of those 38 million being Hispanic. It isn’t known if the 3 million illegal aliens are counted as part of the 11.5 million of Hispanics (not all illegal aliens are Hispanic and not all Hispanics are illegal aliens, after all).

This is where the situation gets fuzzy and, I personally, get miffed. In his trip and pandering, Gov. Brown went to Mexico and spoke ad nauseum about the ‘humanitarian crisis’ of ‘unaccompanied minors’, but most of these ‘children’ were not Mexican, and were, as many outlets reported, from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. So why was Gov. Brown down in Mexico pontificating on immigration? The ‘business’ aspect of his trip can be somewhat understood to a degree, but if he wanted to do something about immigration, why all the immigration dog and pony show in Mexico City? (http://www.sacbee.com/2014/07/29/6591740/jerry-brown-says-he-would-support.html)

It is known among Central Americans (Guatemalans, Salvadorans and Hondurans, among them) that although cultural similarities and kinship DO exist, we are NOT Mexican, and a great resentment is generated when we are all lumped in and called Mexican or South American. Again, we are NOT Mexican and we are NOT South American. I say ‘we’, because I am Guatemalan, and I have grown up with and know first hand the sign of disrespect that is not acknowledging what our individual identity is. Think of it as the same level of insult as calling a Japanese person a Chinese or a Ukrainian person a Russian.

Again, this shows how Gov. Brown is misguided and brilliant at the same time. Misguide, because he refuses to acknowledge that among those illegal aliens that he is pandering to, there are not just Mexicans, but also Guatemalans, Hondurans, Iranians, Vietnamese, etc. He is also brilliant, because a majority of those illegal aliens are Mexican, and he can ‘dangle the carrot’ in front of them just long enough to let them see how ‘magnanimous’ and ‘benevolent’ he is with promises of a peaceful environment where they won’t get deported or harassed for being unlawfully present in the U.S. In all reality, nothing will change, and as long as Gov. Brown is in office, no one will get sent home, and these illegal aliens will grow more firmly rooted in this country. When their Mexican relatives that can vote see this and the ‘beneficent’ nature of Gov. Brown, why would they ever want to vote him out? Brilliant…

But before, you drop the hammer on Gov. Brown, also realize that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/06/us/politics/chris-christies-mexico-trip-looks-like-a-campaign-for-president.html) and Hillary Clinton (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/hillary-clinton-visit-mexico-week-carlos-slim-charity-event-article-1.1928477) both made trips to Mexico where, although they won’t talk about immigration or presidential runs, it does beg the question, ‘WHO ARE U.S. POLITICIANS WORKING FOR?’ It isn’t enough now to ‘court’ Latino voters in the U.S. with promises of ‘immigration reform’, but now it is needed to go to their turf to preach more empty promises (‘oro por espejitos’ – google it). I, as a U.S. resident on my way to becoming a full fledged citizen, finds this grandstanding disgusting and insincere, and it makes me want to vote for any of these candidates from either party, as much as I want to jump from an airplane without a parachute.

The American president is elected by AMERICANS, and these would-be candidates and governor need to focus on what is happening in THIS country and quit pandering, maneuvering and scheming just to save their political necks…