By Jose Aldana, Ph.D.

One needs only to look at the nightly news (particularly Univision Noticias and Noticias MundoFOX), to hear ad nauseum of the stories of hardship and the plight of ‘children’ that flee to the U.S. away from gangs, poverty and a search for a better life. Cue the heartfelt music, images like this one:×370/public/specials/fronteranueva_nmf.png?itok=RkJ4SiL7

repeat over and over a thousand times, and you will end up feeling like a complete jerk for not having the ‘compassion’ to embrace these ‘refugees’.

I am deliberate in my use (and overuse) of quotation marks. This is done to point out the dishonesty of those ‘immigration reform advocates’ that seek to pull on the heartstrings of naïve Americans who, while genuinely compassionate, are only being shown one side of the issue and are being bamboozled.

Sure, no one wants to be the insensitive jerk that shoots Bambi, but what if you were told that Bambi chewed and ate up your garden, trampled your flowers, and was tearing up your house? Something revolutionary like say, having Bambi removed, would have to be done wouldn’t it? This wouldn’t be a barbaric action like shooting Bambi with a gun or an arrow. Yet, this is what many pro-illegal alien activists harp on, when they say it is ‘inhumane’ to send illegal aliens back to their countries (more on that later). What they tell us (by guilting the public into believing they’re jerks to think otherwise) is that we should ‘embrace’ these children with open arms. Yet, you wouldn’t bring Bambi indoors would you?

In the latest round of illegal immigration, Noticias MundoFOX and Univision Noticias, told us over and over (and are still doing so, check your local affiliate), that this was a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and that we had to ‘stick up’ for ‘los niños’ (the kids). Again, this is carefully crafted deception meant to take advantage of genuine American compassion. After all, who wants to point a finger at a ‘child’ escaping from ‘violence’ in search of ‘a better life’? Notice I used quotation marks on three words in the last sentence, because these are words that you will hear over and over again when pro-illegal alien advocates make their case for ‘immigration reform’ (yet another overused term).

But before you feel like a jerk for being an instigator that has the revolutionary notion of actually loving your country and believing that illegal immigration is, well, illegal, let’s look at some statistics (please note that my source of information on this is Wikipedia, which may not be the most reliable source, but it is more solid than pulling numbers out of the air):

we hear on the news that the latest wave of illegal alien minors was a result of the poverty, lack of opportunity and violence in Central America. Yet a quick review of the link above for Guatemala, where I was born, shows that the homicide rate dropped 41 to 39 homicides for every 100,000 inhabitants from 2010 to 2011. The drop in Honduras from 2011 to 2013 is 87 to 79 homicides for every 100,000 inhabitants. Perhaps the most dramatic drop is seen for El Salvador from 2011 to 2012, 71 to 41 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. So, if all these unaccompanied minors are fleeing to the U.S. just as murder rates drop, what is changing? Well, on June 15, 2012, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) memorandum was issued by executive order. This, allowed certain illegal aliens here in the U.S. to apply for work permits, and unfortunately, led to the spread of (unfounded) rumors (as evidenced by this article that people could simply cross over into the U.S., turn themselves into immigration authorities, and magically be allowed to stay in the U.S., no harm, no foul…

As someone that has had to wait 15 plus years going through the legal process to immigrate correctly, the mere notion, that someone is just going to skip steps to cut in line by claiming ‘hardship’ is both insulting and nauseating. No matter how much we may be from the same birth country, we couldn’t be further apart on our views of what the U.S. is, and the level of respect that we have for the laws of the land.

The fact that both the Spanish language television networks daily pontificate on the ‘need’ for ‘immigration reform’ and that BOTH parties either say that they are ‘hell bent’ on immigration reform or that said reform is ‘the right thing to do’, makes me feel completely disenfranchised and estranged from either one. It feels like neither party is interested in me, because they prefer to pigeonhole me into my ethnicity. A conservative Hispanic is an oxymoron, something that ‘can’t’ exist. It boggles their minds, because apparently, all Hispanics are/were illegal aliens and/or want amnesty for their family/friends. That’s the only vote that these politicians are interested in courting. Any conservative hispanics need not apply.