Truth Aids Mark Martin in His Battle With Mike Beebe

Governor Mike Beebe slandered Secretary of State Mark Martin recently by claiming Martin’s hiring of outside legal counsel was a crime comparable to that of former Democrat Treasurer Martha Shoffner.  Shoffner infamously took bribes from a bond dealer in exchange for sending them state business.

Beebe bewailed the impact which the actions of Martin and Shoffner, which he linked together, would have on “public trust.”  That is ironic because Beebe was misleading the public even as he uttered these slanders.   Yesterday I offered plenty of proof of that in this article.  Since I wrote it, even more evidence has come out exhonorating Martin and proving that Mike Beebe had to have known that his statements and insinuations were deceptive in the extreme.

His accusations against Martin are so off base that the only way he possibly thought he could get away with them was through the help and use of a very compliant state establishment media.    The reason he looks so good is because the media in this state can be counted on to cover for him and not hold him accountable for his chicanery.   This is especially so when the subject is Mark Martin.  I have already advanced my theory as to why the media in this state don’t seem to know how to tell the truth about Mark Martin.

Is it against the law for Martin to have hired outside legal counsel without Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s approval?     No, because as I showed you yesterday there is an exception to the old law for state constitutional officers, and this exception has been used for decades, in particular by Mike Huckabee, to keep from being forced to be represented by hostile Attorney Generals, like Mike Beebe himself back in the day.  Not only that, the Attorney General’s own spokesperson said that the way that law was applied, permission was only needed in the few occasions in which the legislature explicitly state that it is needed.

Now Jason Tolbert has obtained a memo from the Arkansas Department of Highways and Transportation   dated October 24th of 2011 in which a spokesman for the AG’s office plainly states that not even agencies, much less constitutional officers, require permission of the AG to hire outside counsel unless the legislature specifies it.  AHTD, and presumably many other departments and agencies, have hired special counsel for some time.

So, is much of Beebe’s administration ALSO criminals like Shoffner who impact public trust? Or is it only a crime when Mark Martin wants to do it?   The media in this state has been covering for Beebe way too long.

I also want to point out again the extreme worthlessness of the Republican Party of Arkansas while the man in their party who holds the most prominent state office is so savagely attacked by charges which are so easy to refute.   It isn’t that the media is not quoting them, it is that they are saying nothing to quote.  Meanwhile the Democrat Party in this state has no problem joining in on the assault on Martin, saying he should be prosecuted for the non-crime.    But its crickets on the other side.

Reprinted from ARKANSAS WATCH blogspot.