by Christine Keller

Those were the words shouted at me and some of my young children the other day as we were handing out flyers against the ORT mass-transit tax special election on May 22 in a neighborhood in West Fork.

The man was hysterical with rage, with veins bulging and arms waving.  I wish we had had a video camera with us, because it was the perfect teachable moment.  It would have looked great on Youtube: “This, ladies and gentlemen, is a picture of the “tolerant” and “loving” Left, who constantly accuses tea partiers and others on the “right” of hate.”

I honestly do not hate that man or anyone else who believes like he does, even though I strongly disagree with their sincere belief that they have a Constitutional right to my money and yours.  I feel sorry for them living with such extreme hatred and anger.

The man actually threatened me and my children, causing the girls to cry, fearing he was going to hurt them.  It’s one thing to have a policy debate, but…threatening a woman and children?  I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise as he kept screaming that it should be illegal for anyone to do what we were doing.  (Um, putting out flyers notifying people about an upcoming tax election?)  More proof, if you needed it, that liberals really do not stand for “liberty” or freedom of speech.  They want all speech that they don’t like silenced.  As an American citizen, I would not stand in the way of his free right to do exactly what I was doing–printing and distributing flyers–even if I didn’t agree with his issue.

I am comfortable with allowing freedom of ideas because somehow the truth sets you free and the truth wins; but liberal ideas can’t compete in a free marketplace of ideas, so their only weapon is to try to silence us (and terrify little children, apparently).

In his venemous rage, this man demanded to know who was paying me and who paid for the flyers and what money is behind the tea party.  That made me laugh!  If you all know of any sources of money for the tea party, we’d love to know about it, because since its inception in 2009, this tea party group and the entire genuine tea party movement nationwide has been entirely funded and staffed by volunteers who do it for love of our country and always on a shoestring budget.  A liberal simply can’t fathom that someone would actually stand up for their sincerely held beliefs–in our case, defending the Constitution–without being paid.

I’m tempted to publish the man’s name and address, but instead of that, I’ll just say that if you run across someone like that, be sure to thank him/her for inspiring us to continue doing what we do.  It is more evidence that we are on the right track and that we are a threat to people who hate freedom.

I tell that story to hopefully inspire more people to step up and help us stop this ORT tax, because I honestly believe this fight is very winnable.  I am encouraged by the people–some for the first time–who are stepping up to the plate, giving of their time and/or money to help!  I really think the ORT people figured they could simply sneak another tax past us, and we would do nothing to stop it.  As people are becoming aware of it, there is growing opposition.